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About Hourlux

A distribution company specializing in representing exclusive time pieces and accessory brands in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Norway. Founded in 2014 by Kelaine Roethlisberger and Alexander Wijt, Hourlux benefits from their experience and expertise within the high-end watch industry on an international scale. Together they have developed strong working relationships with both the retailers and the brands they represent. Hourlux has carefully selected objects of time and design synonymous with high quality and innovative design.


Carl F. Bucherer has been synonymous with excellence, innovation, and passion since 1888. The Swiss company has become an internationally renowned global brand with a presence throughout the world, characterized by its founder’s pioneering spirit and the cosmopolitan esprit of its home city of Lucerne. Carl F. Bucherer is one of the few remaining independent family-owned Swiss watch manufacturers and is now headed in the third generation by Jörg G. Bucherer.

The contemporary timepieces produced by Carl F. Bucherer combine unique design with the utmost precision and outstanding functionality. Committed to technical innovation, Carl F. Bucherer is the market leader in peripheral technology and has patented not only a peripheral winding system but also a “floating tourbillon” in a peripherally supported cage and a peripherally mounted minute repeater regulator.

Carl F. Bucherer – Rooted in the heart of Switzerland but at home everywhere in the world


A revolutionary concept of telling time in words developed by the German designers M. Biegert and A. Funk. An innovative and artful way of showing the hours, minutes and seconds as the precise time is displayed in words through a matrix of 110 letters illuminated by LEDs. QLOCKTWO’s collection of clocks and watches are not only functional they are also cutting-edge design, available in a wide selection of striking colours and finishes in 24 languages.  


Essential accessories for all watch lovers, the SwissKubik collection of watch winders are recommended by the most prestigious Swiss houses. They are a natural complement to your favourite timepieces, ensuring their long lifespan because it is always kept in motion. These intelligent cubes are 100% designed, made and hand-assembled in Switzerland by a team of highly skilled craftsmen. The outer-casing is easily customizable to individual preferences ranging from classic to modern, always using the finest materials. 


Scatola Del Tempo is the original manufacturer of watch winders and cases. A classic concept of exceptional pieces finely crafted in leather, steel and wood. To carry, hold and wind all types of automatic wrist watches, including perpetual calendars. Specialising in unique bespoke pieces and large size models, Scatola del Tempo is a certified handmade Italian product of the highest quality. 


DaqiConcept have created an original wireless technology with JinGoo, a decorative Bluetooth speaker incorporating a lamp. The porcelain bird sitting inside a metal cage is controlled by a smart device. Designed to play music while illuminating the room with ambient light, the decorative piece features a mono 2-way speaker. 

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