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A perfect blend of tradition and technology

DAQICONCEPT INC. was founded in July 2015 by a team of product designers in Taiwan. In Chinese, the name “DAQI” means timetake to grow up and mature, emphasising that the best things in life require layers of experience.  

Their design process is one of constant experimentation and revision, trying and testing, and blending old ideas into new concepts. They skillfully combine traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology to create beautiful objects that appeal to a modern lifestyle.  

The first product launched, JINGOO by DaqiConcept, is a porcelain bird in a metal cage that combines a Bluetooth speaker and ambient light. In line with their signature porcelain bird, CHIRP is the second product in the innovative collection, which combines an alarm clock with a lamp. The latest design, BIRD, is a beautiful decorative lamp. The bird is fired in traditional kilns by ceramic masters in the famous Yingge district and the body of the bird is formed with precision-made moulds. The luxurious finish is achieved through a hand-painting process and complemented by sustainable materials and state-of-the-art audio technology.

Raw materials and product components are sourced locally and manufactured in Taiwan. The design process is closely linked to production to ensure transparency, ethical practices and premium quality.

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